The exploration license „Falkenhain“ lies in the eastern part of the Erzgebirge Mountains about 5 km north of the city Altenberg. 

The license field covers the know greisen ore occurrences of the Schenkenshöhe and Hegelshöhe, which will form the main targets of the exploration campaign. In addition, data obtained from the area “Schilfbach” during historical investigations will be re-verified during this exploration campaign. From regional geological viewpoint, the exploration license „Falkenhain“ forms part of the eastern edge of the Altenberg-Teplice caldera. The geological framework consists almost exclusively of Permian acidic volcanic and granodioritic, which are framed by Upper Proterozoic Metamorphites. These rock units where frequently effected by metasomatic transformations which leads to Li-Sn-W mineralisations. These mineralisations were periodically mined since the medieval times and were the object of several exploration and drilling campaigns during the second half of the 20th century. However, this exploration campaigns were predominantly focused on tin and subordinate to its accompanying components of tungsten and lithium. As result of this exploration efforts four reserve blocks were identified at the Schenkenshöhe locality. The reported reserve comprises 30,800 t of lithium, 42,780 t of tin and 6,126 t of Tungsten.

Currently the following stocks are accepted:

30,800 t of lithium
42,780 t of tin
6,126 t of tungsten

The Deutsche Lithium GmbH expects that the resources within the “Falkenhain” license field will increase significantly during the ongoing exploration campaign.