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09599 Freiberg

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Arriving by car

Freiberg/Sachs. is situated between the cities of Dresden and Chemnitz, each about 35 km away and can be reached via the federal roads B101 (direction Annaberg-Buchholz and Meißen) and B173 (direction Dresden and Chemnitz). Coming from the A4 motorway, please take the Siebenlehn exit 75 (approx. 17 km away).

Arrival by train

You can reach Freiberg by train via the “Dresden-Nürnberg” connection with trains from Deutsche Bahn AG. In addition to these trains, regional trains run several times a day from Dresden via Freiberg and Chemnitz to Zwickau and back. From the train station in Freiberg you can reach Deutsche Lithium GmbH via Berthelsdorfer Straße on foot in 20 minutes or by taxi in 7 minutes.

Arrival by plane

The arrival by plane is via the airports

Dresden Airport (DRS):
01109 Dresden
Federal Republic of Germany

Leipzig/Halle Airport (LPZ):
Terminal ring 11
04435 Leipzig
Federal Republic of Germany and

Vaclav Havel Airport Prague (PRG):
Aviatická, Prague 160 08
161 08 Praha 6
Prague 160 08
Czech Republic


Arrival by car from the German airports Leipzig/Halle (LPZ) and Dresden (DRS) to Freiberg

Freiberg can be reached from the German airports Leipzig/Halle (LPZ) in 1.5 hours via the A14 motorway and from Dresden (DRS) in 50 minutes via the A4 motorway.

From Leipzig/Halle Airport (LPZ), take the A14 motorway to the Nossen interchange and then the A4 motorway towards Chemnitz. Take the Siebenlehn exit 75 and drive on the federal road B101 to Freiberg.

From Dresden Airport (DRS), take the A4 motorway towards Chemnitz to the Siebenlehn exit 75 and from there reach Freiberg via the B101 federal road.

Arrival from the German airports Leipzig/Halle (LPZ) and Dresden (DRS) to Freiberg by public transport

There are also very good rail connections from Halle/Leipzig airports (via Chemnitz) and from Dresden to Freiberg.

Dresden Airport train station is located in the basement of the terminal. There the S-Bahn line S2 runs every half hour to the long-distance train stations Dresden-Neustadt and Dresden Hauptbahnhof. The journey to Dresden Central Station takes 21 minutes. Dresden-Neustadt train station can be reached in 14 minutes.
Passengers and visitors can conveniently get to the arrival, departure, conference and gallery levels from the Dresden underground station by escalator and lift.

Airport is connected to the local and long-distance traffic of Deutsche Bahn with its own train station directly below the check-in area. Passengers and visitors can comfortably get into the check-in hall via escalators and lifts. If you want to travel by train, you have several options.
With the S-Bahn Central Germany, which runs between Halle, Leipzig, Altenburg and Zwickau, you can reach Leipzig/Halle Airport via lines S5 and S5X. The trains run every half hour, the journey time from Leipzig Central Station is 14 minutes.

Arrival from Prague to Freiberg by car

The journey from Vaclav Havel Airport Prague (PRG) to Freiberg by car takes about 2 hours 15 minutes via the D7 and D8 in the Czech Republic and the A17 and A4 in Germany. Car rental stations are available at the airport in Prague.

Arrival from Prague to Freiberg by public transport

The airport is approximately 14 km north of the city center. The airport of the Czech capital still has no connection to the network of trains, subways or trams. Public buses run to Vaclav Havel Airport in Prague. Since the airport is in the municipal area of ​​the city of Prague, the normal ticket tariffs of Prague apply. Direct trains to Germany via Dresden then run from the main train station in Prague (“Praha Hlavni Nadrazi”).